Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What's The Holdup For Open Trans Military Service?

There are over 15,000 trans people serving in the US Armed Forces, and they and their trans siblings on the home front are wondering what is taking so long for the US Department of Defense to get on the job and create the rules and policies necessary in order for them to not have to hide who they are and serve our country.

According to a published August 25 USA Today report from Pentagon documents  the US ban on transgender troops serving openly in our armed forces would end on May 27.  Yeah we know it's an election year, but if y'all had not throw us under the bus during that lame duck 2010 session, you'd already have that mission of open trans military service accomplished by now

The clock is ticking toward that date, and inquiring minds in Trans World and our siblings currently serving in our nation's armed forces want to know what's up and is the Pentagon still on schedule to make that open trans service happen?.

Guess we'll find out in a few days.

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