Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Transphobic Ted Cruz Suspends Campaign!

Aww yeah!   Got an early birthday present when I got to watch Damien Thorn the junior senator from Alberta suspend his campaign after getting his azz whipped in the Indiana GOP primary by Donald Trump.

Y'all know as a Texan I have no love for Ted Cruz, and his flinging transphobia on the campaign trail in a desperate attempt to stay relevant in this GOP presidential nomination race has made me like his behind even less.

While  Donald Trump being the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is a WTF inducing prospect in its own right, the one candidate that gave me nightmares out of all the 2016 GOP presidential candidates was Cruz

So hearing the words 'I'm suspending my campaign" coming out of his transphobic mouth was wonderful to hear and a happy dance inducing great start to my birthday celebration..

Now liberal-progressive Texans, can we work on kicking him out of his senate seat in 2018?.

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