Thursday, May 05, 2016

NYC Trans Woman Attacked For Riding While Trans

NYC Subway Transphobic Meltdown Queerty
Anti-trans hate thoughts + anti-trans hate speech = anti-trans hate violence/murders.  That is the equation that unfortunately adds up to anti-trans violence aimed at our community

The Republican Party and the conservative movement has been putting unchecked anti-trans hatred in the air, and as I and other trans leaders have been warning, it's just a matter of time before the ignorati seize on that hate speech they put out there and turn into anti-trans hate violence aimed at us.

Here's video recorded by Translatina Network outreach social worker Pearl Love while she was minding her own business on the subway back on April 28.

This member of the ignorati began flinging unsolicited bigoted and transphobic comments at her, and then became agitated as she realized she was being videotaped and subsequently attacked Love.

Love is okay, but  it's just a taste of what we trans folks are increasingly seeing no thanks to the Republican Party gleefully spewing anti-trans hate for fun and political advantage.

And oh yeah, New York State, when are you going to add gender identity to the list of categories in your state's hate crimes law?  This video is more evidence that adding coverage for transgender New Yorkers is sorely needed.

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