Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jessica Shuts Down A Transphobic Bigot

This happened on a March episode of CNN's  Dr Drew, but take notes peeps.   This is how you blow up and shut down transphobic bigotry.  None of that 'acknowledge the fear' bullshyt we tried and failed to defend HERO with, it's time to gut punch these fake faith based idiots and make them engage in sputtering defenses of their transphobia.

The best way to shut them down is to interrupt their ability to spout their well rehearsed talking points.  Gotta throw them out of their comfort zone, and having to try to spin anti-trans lies in front of a person your unjust policy negatively affects and is calling you and your org out about it is nerve wracking for them.  

Jessica Taylor does a fantastic job of it here.  I' m looking forward to the day when I get and other non white trans people get our opportunity to do so because it's just a matter of time before I right wing enemies deploy the kneegrow sellout pastors and we are the best equipped people to take them on.

But enjoy Jessica taking on the FRC's Peter Sprigg.


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