Saturday, May 07, 2016

H-town LGBT Community Shops At Target For A Cause

Ever since Target expressed support for the trans community and made it clear that employees and shoppers go to the bathroom that matches their gender presentation, the right wing faith based ignorati have been engaging in a white-hot orgy of rage aimed at the retailer.

The conservahaters have called for a boycott of Target because of their trans inclusive policies, and in response the LGBT community and our allies across the country have ramped up our support of a store that supports our community.

In addition to the numerous online petitions supporting Target, we took #StandingWithTarget a step further in Houston as the hatemongers gathered on a nearby corner at the entry street to the Sawyer Heights Target location to spread their faux faith based ignorance..

Surprised they weren't at the Bigot Fil-A across the street.  but that's probably where the haters had lunch.

Earlier today our Houston LGBT community had a shop in at the Sawyer Heights location just west of Downtown to not only express our thanks to Target employees for their support of the trans, bi and SGL community, but also purchase items for Montrose Grace Place, an LGBT youth homeless shelter located in the nearby Montrose gayborhood.

A list of items needed at Montrose Grace Place was handed to people wishing to participate in the shop-in event along with thank you cards to hand to the cashiers to let them know why we were in line spending their hard earned T-bills and rainbow cash.

The shop-in ended several hours later  with 10 carts full of items valued at $5700 for Montrose Grace Place and piles of those cards at the store registers.

Thanks for everyone who organized it, and those who participated in this innovative way to support a company that is LGBT friendly and do something for a community organization like Montrose Grace Place at the same time. .


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