Thursday, May 19, 2016

Once Again, Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Trans rights are human rights.  Simple statement, but with all the anti-trans hate rhetoric coming from the Right Wing noise machine at maximum volume, they are desperately trying to drown out that message.

But no matter what they say, the bottom line is that the war they stated to attack our humanity and eviscerate our civil rights with it is not going the way they expected.   They expected a blitzkrieg of success when they launched World War T, but what they are getting is a protracted struggle that we have no choice in Trans World but to fight and win.

It will take a united effort from all trans folks around the world and our allies to make this global trans human rights dream a reality.  We will have to work twice and three times as hard as our opponents are who are desperately attempting to oppress us to work on making the public relations and legislative equity tide match the moral arc of the universe that is already in our favor.

And if we want the trans kids going up to have the quality lives they deserve, then we trans elders have to get cracking on defeating the Ignorati and moving the middle to our side.  We're going to have to vote for trans human rights supportive candidates in every election cycle at all levels of government, and vote out the transphobic bigots when they reveal themselves.    That is just a small part of the sweat equity part of this World War T fight were engaged in for our trans and gender variant kids.

And make no mistake about it, we are winning.  We're making progress. If we weren't the right wingers wouldn't be tripping with all this blatant anti-trans hared and flood of unjust legislation in their desperate attempt to stop our forward societal momentum.

That progress may not be fast enough or coming soon enough for some of you, but it is progress.  Every time a trans person is elected to office, that's progress.  When a trans kids graduates from high school or college while matriculating in a school system or on a college campus that is trans supportive, that's progress. When a trans kid and her family has a highly rated reality TV show that basically shows her interesting life, that's progress.  

When you have trans characters on television and in the movies, that's progress.  When that trans kids can dream dreams and make them come true, that's progress. When we can serve openly in our country's armed forces, that's progress.  When trans actors can play trans people on TV, that's progress. When  it becomes a political liability for a politician to push anti-trans hate, that's progress   When a nation like Canada makes a huge deal out of introducing trans human rights legislation, that's progress

When the United States Attorney General states that the DOJ and the Obama Administration will do everything to protect your human rights, that's progress..   

Vice President Biden was correct, Trans rights are the human rights issue of our time. And trans rights are human rights.   The world is starting to get it that it's not cool to oppress people who are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.

And I'm happy to see that this shift in attitudes is happening in my lifetime. .  .


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