Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ir's Laila and Logan's Wedding Day!

The Trans Obamas, AKA Precious Davis and Myles Brady aren't the only trans couple getting married this year that I have mad love and admiration for.

Had the opportunity to get connected with online with both Laila Villanueva and Logan Ireland, who are two of the over 15,500 estimated trans people serving in the US Armed Forces.

Well, found out that Laila and Logan are getting married in Hawaii today, and how apropos it's happening on IDAHOT Day!  Logan and Laila have been two of the emerging leaders and faces in the drive for open trans military service, and just last week Laila was honored with the AMPA Military Spouses Leadership Award.

They both received the honor of meeting the Commander-in-Chief during the White House LGBT Pride Reception last year.

Today is another huge step in their lives as they pledge their love for each other in front of God, their families and friends in Hawaii.

Congratulations to both of you!.  May your wedding day be filled with abundant blessings, and your marriage be a long one filled with a lifetime of love, friendship, adventure and happiness

Congrats Laila and Logan!  So looking forward to meeting both of you amazing people

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