Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The TX Values Transphobes Are Planning To Swarm The FWISD Board Meeting Today

Fort-Worth-ISD (620-240)
Pissed off because the Fort Worth Independent School District decided to clarify its policies impacting trans students,  the transphobic ignorati stirred up by my transphobic Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Texas Haters Values are planning to swarm tonight's FWISD board meeting that starts at 5:30 PM to vent their spleens at Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner and the FWISD school board for their policy they quietly approved and announced at their April 19 board meeting...

Their plans are to pack the room with haters and send hate mail to the FWISD board, so let's have some fun spoiling those plans.  

Our transphobic Lt. Governor will also be in the FWISD house to demand the resignation of Superintendent Scribner and the repeal of the policy.

According to my sources in the DFW area, both those events Patrick is demanding have as much chance of happening as the Cowboys moving to San Antonio to play their games at the Alamodome this season.

Local folks in Fort Worth and the DFW Metroplex who support the new policy and our trans kids are asked to show up wearing RED before the 5:30 PM meeting start time.    If you want a seat in the chamber, I suggest you get there an hour before that, especially if you want to deny seats to the haters who will probably be busing in from exurban hate megachurches or driving in from the surrounding teabagging exurbs.

If you can't make it to FWISD headquarters to show your support for the school board, you can e-mail the members . The haters are calling for people across Texas and the USA to do so, so they have opened the door for us fair minded citizens and the national and international trans community to reciprocate.

I think the FWISD board would appreciate getting some friendly supportive calls and e-mails, so if you have time, please send these FWISD board members thank you e-mails for standing up for the rights and humanity of ALL their students because we know the faux faith based opposition is sending them facts free hate mail as you read this.

Here are some facts debunking the bathroom lies to help you as you compose those supportive e-mails.

. FWISD Board President  Jacinto “Cinto” Ramos, Jr – jacinto.ramos@fwisd.org
  1. Tobi Jackson – tobi.jackson@fwisd.org
    Christene Chadwick Moss – christene.moss@fwisd.org
    Theophlous Aron Sims, Sr. – ta.sims@fwisd.org
    Judy Needham – judy.needham@fwisd.org
    Ann Sutherland – ann.sutherland@fwisd.org
    Norman Robbins – norman.robbins@fwisd.org
    Matthew Avila – matthew.avila@fwisd.org
    Ashley Paz – ashley.paz@fwisd.org
Picture representing Board of Education
The FWISD administration building is located at 2903 Shotts Street in Fort Worth.  The meeting will be livestreamed, and if you live in the DFW area you can see it live on Charter cable channel 192 and , AT&T U-Verse channel 99

If you wish to speak before the board or find out what their policies are to do so, I would suggest calling the Office of the Board of Education at 817-814-1920.
Here's hoping that Dan Patrick and Texas Values don't get what they want in the optics of a parade of haters on the local news ignorantly blasting the school board and Superintendent Scribner for the trans inclusive policy.

I also don't want our trans kids who are attending FWISD schools seeing that soul crushing spectacle of one person after another denigrating their humanity.

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