Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Rockwall TX Attempt To Pass Anti-Trans Ordinance Fails

While I was in the Dallas area for BTAC, the Teapublican mayor of the nearby suburb of Rockwall, TX decided to indulge his oppressor gene and jump on the GOP Hate The T******s bandwagon and proposed another unjust ordinance targeting us.

What Jim Pruitt didn't count on was the resistance and negative reaction to it that swiftly came.

None of the Rockwall City Council members supported it proposed hate legislation, and neither did one of the city's largest employer in the Hilton Lake Ray Hubbard.

The proposed hate ordinance drew the largest crowd for a Rockwall City Council meeting in several years with the main council chamber at standing room only capacity and every seat in the overflow room quickly being taken.  There were also 100 trans people from the DFW metro area in full effect protesting and commenting against Pruitt's proposed trans hate ordinance.

When Pruitt called for the vote at 9:35 PM after the public comment period, it did not receive a second from the five council members present, and died at that point.

While this is a win for the Texas trans community, we know that our lieutenant governor is already proposing that Texas pass a statewide anti-trans hate bill when our legislature reconvenes in January.  

So we Texas trans peeps get to celebrate this Rockwall win, and go back to trashing the Texas Republican Party and their like minded allies for pimping anti trans hatred for political advantage..

Congrats Rockwall for demonstrating to the entire nation that there are reasonable, thoughtful people that live inside the borders of the Lone Star State.

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