Thursday, May 12, 2016

Black Transwomen, Inc AYOMBI Online Trans Feminine Support Group MeetingTonight

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One of the things that was discussed during the recently concluded BTAC 2016 conference was ramped up programming for the Black Transmen, Inc (BTMI) sister organization Black Transwomen, Inc (BTWI).

We had a Grand AYOMBI during the conference moderated by Dee Dee Watters, and tonight, BTWI will begin holding on the second Thursday of every month online AYOMBI Sister Circle meetings.

They start at 7 PM CDT and if you wish to participate in AYOMBI, you need to register at this link to receive your invitation.

The May AYOMBI meeting will be facilitated by Jade Lenore, and the topic is "Self Love..What Do I Feel I Deserve In Love And Life?'   The meeting will open at 6:45 PM with the meeting beginning at 7 PM for all guests who have registered to attend.

So what's AYOMBI?  It's a BTWI sponsored monthly gathering of  sisters withing a safe, respectful and confidential environment opened to all trans women at all stages of their transitions.  BTWI understands that at times, there's a need to ask questions, express feelings, and express transitioning concerns.

In this AYOMBI space the goal is to on a monthly basis explore relevant topics of the transition journey.  

AYOMBI is a free service that is offered and presented by the women of Black Transwomen, Inc.  If you require further information or have questions about it, you can call BTWI at 1-855-255-8636

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