Sunday, May 11, 2014

We Have A Date For Tona's Carnegie Hall Concert

June 25, 2014.

That is the day that Tona Brown makes history when she plays Carnegie Hall.   If you're in the New York area, I hope you have circled that date on your calendars and are planning to be there for this historic moment for all transkind and support her.

If you can't, then chip a little something, ($1,$5, $10, $20...) into the campaign to help Tona pay for it.  

Since several LGBT organizations and corporate sponsors that promised to help have mysteriously reneged on their promises or have been mute when she has tried to call them back and reconfirm their promised commitments to her, she has now had to start this crowdfunding campaign to help defray the $25,000 cost for this historic concert.

So drop something on it to help Tona get closer to her fiscal goal and set up one amazing night to showcase her talent on behalf of our entire community 

And would I love to be in Carnegie Hall on that date writing about what transpired on that magical and historic evening.  

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