Monday, May 19, 2014

HERO Update, Notes and News

Photo: Dear haters, you should have let the HERO pass Wednesday.   You gave us two weeks to organize too...As many of you following our quest to pass the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance are aware of, City Council voted on Wednesday to delay the vote until May 28

We aren't happy in H-town about having to wait another two weeks for the inevitable passage of the HERO and giving the Forces of Intolerance hatemongers like Grace KKKommunity Church and the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity more time to whip up anti-TBLG animus in their next two Sunday services.

But the silver lining is it gives us time to get better organized as well.   Yesterday the leadership team working to pass the HERO held a two and half hour strategy meeting in which I'm sworn to secrecy on some of the tactics we will roll out over this final push to passage.  What I can tell you is that it happened, and to stay tuned to these TransGriot pages for the latest information and action alerts as I get them.

We also had some of our allies in the crowd infiltrate Riggle World checking out yesterday's 'Hate on LGBT Peeps in the name of Conservajesus' Rally.

In case you're wondering who Steve and Becky Riggle are in addition to being last week's Shut Up Fool Award winners, she's the woman who showed up at last Tuesday's public comment hearing asserting that she and her fellow modern day Pharisees and Sadducees had the special right to discriminate against Jews and the LGBT community.   Her husband who followed a few speakers later dug an even deeper hole trying to defend his wife's logic defying comments.

They also bussed in people from the Houston exurbs of Tomball and the Woodlands for their hate rally they held at City Hall opposing the HERO.

Interesting to note many of the rally haters were people who claim they don't want to live in Houston, but yet want to stick their unwanted noses in H-town human rights 'bidness'. 

And I'm really disgusted with the Black pastors who are selling out our community to pal around with the longtime purveyors of oppression in Dave Welch and Dave Wilson.   

Final tally of the number of pro-HERO vs anti-HERO speakers at last Tuesday's HERO hearing in case you're keeping score was 120 people for, 40 against.   The total for the two previous hearings was 127 pro-HERO, 38 anti-HERO.    Grand total so far is 247 people speaking for HERO passage, 78 against with an overwhelming majority of the anti HERO speakers being ministers. 

City Council is off this week, which is why the opponents were fighting so hard to delay the vote.   The next meeting on May 28 will be a combined public comment session followed by a vote.  It is shaping up to be a historic marathon session that we will endure.

We will also emerge victorious from because passing the HERO is the moral and correct thing to do.   If Dallas, Austin, El Paso and New Orleans can pass a human rights ordinance along with small cities like Shreveport, LA. and Boise, ID. then I know the city of Houston can do so.  

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