Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Geena Goes Home

Geena Rocero is on a trip back home to the Philippines in which she is doing media appearances and interviews, speaking to local transpinay leaders and talking up Gender Proud, her international trans rights organization she founded that successfully raised over $15K in a recently concluded indiegogo campaign.

The New York based model came out as trans in a widely applauded TED talk and subsequently founded Gender Proud.

The nascent international trans organization has the mission of advocating for the ability of trans, intersex and gender variant people around the world to have legislation in their various nations allowing them to easily change documentation to reflect the persons they are now without surgical intervention .

And yeah, I get the pleasure of chatting with Geena from time to time. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with this busy lady the next time I'm in the New York area or wherever our paths cross.. 

Before hitting the Philippines, Rocero spent some time in Hong Kong talking to local activists there who are also working hard to clean up the documentation laws there and build on the trans marriage win of Ms W.. 

She's handling her activist business.   And as you can see by the video, she's doing the trans education in her birth nation and looking fabulous while doing so. 

And thanks for giving Naomi Fontanos that hug for me.

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