Saturday, May 24, 2014

RuPaul Still Clueless As Usual

I was hoping that clueless kneegrow RuPaul would finally get the point after the last time we called his behind out about his loud and wrong defense of the slur word 'tranny'..

But obviously he didn't according to a May 19 interview with Marc Maron.  

And sadly, once again elements of his white gay male fanbase are rushing to defend him and hypocritically letting their inner transphobes out while doing so. 

Let me say this one more time so that you can use your limited cognitive processing skills to get the point.  

You may love the word, but a majority of my trans community, which you are NOT a part of nor an expert on our trans lives, has determined via the evolving and increasingly derogatory use of the t-word you love it is a slur.   

As you said on June 2, 2013 when you criticized actress Amanda Bynes for her use of 'faggot': "Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person's own poisonous self-loathing."--RuPaul

Photo: I, myself, am not offended by the word "Tranny" but if some of my sisters are, that's enough for me to remove it from my vocabulary. It is not such an important word for me to use so I will not defend a word that hurts part of our community. Monica Roberts Roxanne CollinsSo why are you and your fans so hypocritically determined to continue to use a word a majority of the trans community and three of your own Drag Race alumni have told you NOT to use because it is hurtful to us? 

What is it going to take for you to get it?  Cancellation of Drag Race?  

Or is you and your fans obstinate transphobic insistence on using and trying to justify the use of an anti-trans slur word an ALWAYS outward projection of your and your fan base engaged in your own poisonous self-loathing? 

It's sad when Jerry Springer, who the trans community has long complained about and reviled at times for his exploitative talk shows, loves and respects us enough to announce he will no longer use the t-word and your tired azz won't.

Then again you pal around with Shirley Q. Liquor, so why should I be surprised to discover you're incapable of recognizing when to call it a day and sashay away from this?

Bottom line is we have told you and the world the t-word is a slur.   If you claim to love and respect my community and its humanity, and if the majority of a marginalized community tells you a word is an offensive and hurtful slur word, then DON'T USE IT.

LOGO gets that simple to grasp concept.   Logo TV through a spokesperson told BuzzFeed in an interview, “These comments did not come from Logo. We are committed to supporting the entire LGBT community and will not feature any anti-trans rhetoric on our shows.”

And naw trick, since you went there, let me school your ignorant serial transphobic behind on the new 2K14 and beyond rules for interacting with the trans community since it has obviously escaped your ultra short attention span.

As grown ass transfeminine women, we are no longer taking misogynistic crap or transphobic disrespect of our humanity from friend, foe or frenemy.  We will push back against it.  We trans people will determine what is and isn't offensive to our community, not you and your fanbase. 

If your transphobic behind doesn't like the fact we are pushing back hard against your disrespect of us, especially when we have made it clear to an increasingly long list of media personalities we will not tolerate it, too damned bad.    

We don't care whether the word was being used in a derogatory way or not, it's STILL a slur.   RuPaul has been told by myself and various people in the trans community numerous times it is, and we're beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of telling you the same stuff repeatedly and you arrogantly ignoring it.   So until you get it, we'll keep calling your ass out on it everytime you screw up.
We're also tired
of people, and especially white gay men rushing to RuPaul's defense to continue agitating to use a word a majority of our community has told him (and the world) is offensive.   We're tired of them getting vanillacentric privileged noses out of joint when we trans folks tell them to back the frack up because you don't get to gaysplain to us how offended we should be about a word we told you repeatedly is a slur to us.

And it ain't just a majority of American based transpeople that consider the t-word a slur.  So do our international transfeminine sisters as well.

You can continue to be clueless about it all you want.   You can say it if you wish, too.   Just be prepared for the blowback from the trans community when you do so.

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