Sunday, May 11, 2014

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 34-Phi Nuka Trolla

After a long period in dry dock, it's time to turn the USS Monica loose on the trolls sailing the cyberseas.

Time to drop 50 megatons of knowledge on these poor deluded fools who step to her thinking they are all that and end up glowing in the dark as a result.

Todays fool du jour is IHSV 1269 who left this gem on the post I wrote entitled UH Tittsworth Act Opponents Still Bitter They Lost

Your obsession with Greek life is entertaining. It's apparent that you're not as comfortable in your own skin as you claim to be otherwise someone your age wouldn't be writing a blog ripping into a 20 year old who has taken time to get involved in his Student Government. Your inferiority complex is so evident that I'm almost in disbelief you followed up insulting Garza by referencing a 2008 Houston Chronicle article about events that occurred 45 years ago in an attempt to justify your own prejudices. The only "narrow minded ignorance" on display is coming from yourself. Take the time to look up the racial makeup of UH's Greek life before assuming it is predominantly white -- which appears to be your go-to insult for some reason.

5...4...3...2...1  launch.

Obviously you're not comfortable in your skin, your opinion or with your transphobia since you used a pseudonym to shield your identity from your comments.

If you haven't perused the other over 7600 posts on this blog, I absolutely LOVE Black trans me, and it's a failure of your reading comprehension skills to grasp that point.  Besides, I AM superior to you because unlike you, I sign my name to whatever I write.  I also stand by every syllable of what I wrote in that post you had a problem with.   

Waah, cry me a river about your whining about me ripping into Alan Garza for his transphobia.  I could really care two fraks about what you have to say about it.   The one and only thing I give young Mr. Garza credit for is that he at least had the cojones to unlike you, openly attach his name to and claim his loud and wrong position. 

But word to the wise that will serve you well in your future life.  If you don't want to be called a bigot or an oppressor by the marginalized group you are making life harder for in your vanillacentric privilege actions, then stop acting like a bigot or an oppressor.

I'm also quite aware Oh Ignorant One, that the UH Greek system has historic African-American fraternities and sororities as part of the system.  They were part of that system when I was walking the UH campus in the early 80's.  Lynn Eusan was a charter member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc's Epsilon Lambda chapter, the same chapter my cousins both pledged three decades later when they attended UH.   

But the only visible on campus Greek opposition to the Tittsworth Act came from survey says, WHITE UH frats and sororities.  That's stating a fact,  but if you choose to call that an insult, oh well. 

I found the UH historical parallel between the Eusan story and the SGA fight to pass the Tittsworth Act compelling and highly apropos.  It  was the same exact dynamic that Lynn Eusan faced 45 years ago in her run to become UH homecoming queen.   Her main, most vocal, and racist I might add opposition to wear the UH homecoming crown came from UH's white Greeks.   The UH transgender community's major opposition to passage of the Tittsworth Act also came from UH white Greeks.  

So hmm, appears to Cougar paw waving me you UH white Greeks haven't learned anything 45 years later, but you excel in majoring in oppression. 

You don't like me stating the inconvenient for you fact that UH white Greeks were oppressors then and now in 2014 in both these on campus human rights situations, too damned bad.  

Bottom line is that UH's white Greeks were wrong then and with the passage of time look even more foolish concerning their racist opposition of Lynn Eusan ascendance to become UH's first Black homecoming queen 45 years ago. 

All you white UH Greeks, Ashley Davis Nelson, and Alan Garza, who opposed the passage of the Tittsworth Act will look just as foolish to the UH Cougar Class of 2059.

Eat 'em up, er duck and cover fool, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke explodes..

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