Friday, May 16, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-60th Anniversary of Brown v Board SCOTUS Case Edition

thurgood marshall 1954Tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of the unanimous May 17, 1954 Supreme Court decision in the Brown v. Board of Education case that outlawed racial segregation in our nation's schools.

The case was argued by an NAACP legal team that included future SCOTUS justice Thurgood Marshall,   Brown overturned the doctrine of "separate but equal," that had unfortunately been been established by the Supreme Court in the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case that gave constitutional legal cover to Jim Crow discrimination. 

Brown was one of the legal body blows that eventually took Jim Crow segregation down and set the stage for a sea change in American politics that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act ten years later and the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

So now that I've dropped some history on you, let's move on to our usual Friday business of finding people guilty of being fools who exhibit mind numbing stupidity, jaw dropping hypocrisy and just make you say WTF at times.

Honorable mention number one is Amy Kushnir, the Dallas anti-gay TV host of The Broadcast who stormed off the set when she and co-host Courtney Kerr got into a heated discussion about Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, and say it was wrong, but had no problem doing a segment with the Chippendale's strippers on that same morning show.  

Can you say hypocrite TransGriot boys and girls?    Thought you could.

Honorable mention number two to Gordon Klingenschmitt for his transphobic conservarant over the  Maines case and said the transfeminine teen girl should “man up” or face a spanking and an exorcism to rid her body of demons.

I have a suggestion for you.  How about you 'man up' and stop being a disgusting human being?

Honorable mention number three is a group award for all the kneegrow pastors in Michigan  who joined their conservafool oppressors in filing a brief against the ruling legalizing gay marriage in that state.   

Shaking my head that you fools are palling around with the same people who supported the Republican controlled state government's efforts to block our right to vote.  

Where's the D.R.O.P. Squad when you need them?. 

Honorable mention number four is soon to be ex-owner of the LA Clippers Donald Sterling for continuing to hate on Magic Johnson, trying to claim that he's not racist despite the fact he's had the largest housing discrimination judgment in LA history dropped on him, and umm, give me a moment to think about something else to add here.  

This week's Shut Up Fool winners are the tag team of Pastors Becky and Steve Riggle.   They run the Grace KKKomunity Church down I-45 in far southeast Houston and are emblematic of the hateful, ignorant crap we're having to deal with to get the HERO passed.  

Becky laughably tried to claim she and her faith based homophobes and transphobes had a special right to discriminate against gays and Jews during Tuesday's HERO hearing that had many of us in the audience cracking up with laughter.  

Steve gamely tried to defend his wife's dishonor a few speakers and was shredded by Councilmember Ellen Cohen 

You and your hate ministers are making the case for us why the HERO is needed in Houston.

Have several seats, a nice tall glass of STHU and some remedial classes in civics and American history not taught by Glenn Beck.   And oh yeah, you need Jesus.   Not that conservafool version y'all pimp at your megachurch.   

One other thing...Shut up fools!

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