Monday, May 26, 2014

HERO Updates, Notes and News-May 26

Happy Memorial Day people!   Today means we are now down to 48 hours before the historic Houston City Council session happens on Wednesday in which the HERO will be voted on

Yesterday the Houston Newsmakers show on KPRC-TV 2 that Amelia and I taped Thursday was broadcast Sunday morning.   We felt good about that show when we left the studios, and our optimism about it was justified.

Megathanks to host Khambrel Marshall for the invitation to appear on Houston Newsmakers.   It gave the Houston trans community for the first time in this HERO debate an opportunity for peeps like us to actually get a chance to talk about our issues untainted by lies from our not so esteemed opponents.

Haven't heard yet if the conservafool megachurches like Second Baptist and Grace KKKommunity fueling the opposition preached any anti-HERO hate sermons yesterday.   We did have some folks go to services at both to keep an eye on them and they haven't reported back yet.  .   

Or maybe the haters tried to keep their christopimpin' of anti-trans hate on the down low knowing that were getting close to May 28.

Speaking of someone who should have kept his loud and wrong ignorant HERO opposition on the down low but I'm glad he didn't, here's local activist Quanell X. 

He's another example of the cadre of Black people who fell for the white conservafool okey doke of anti-trans attitudes injected by the Daves (Dave Welch and Dave Wilson) into this HERO debate to bamboozle people into not supporting an ordinance that protects their own human rights.   

I find it mind boggling you and others who should know better, are kissing up to the same white conservatives in Dave Wilson and Dave Welch who are working diligently on the behalf of the Texas Republican Party to oppress our community and kill this much needed human rights ordinance. . 

FYI to you Quanell and anyone else who shares the ignorant opinions you spouted on FOX Noise 26:   I'm quite aware of who I am and damned sure ain't 'confused' about it.   I am an African-American transfeminine woman who is unapologetically Black, trans and proud.   The only thing I do in public bathrooms while out and about in H-town or wherever I roam in this country is poop, piss and wash my hands when I'm done. 

Quanell X, if you claim to love all African-American Houstonians, African-Americans also includes Trans, SGL and bi Houstonians, too

If you want to know what trans people actually do in the city of Houston, I suggest you hit Google or watch this TransGriot space.  I will also be happy to school you on basic Trans 101 so you never embarrass yourself like you did on the Houston television airwaves like you did that evening.  

button-hero.jpgI find it mind boggling, troubling and a problematic sign your cognitive abilities are questionable that you and the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity are kissing up to the same white conservatives in Dave Wilson and Dave Welch working diligently on the behalf of the Texas Republican Party to oppress our community. 

If you want a debate Quanell, we can make that happen, too.  But the one thing that is not subject to debate is the humanity of myself or my trans brothers and sisters.  

Every Houstonian living inside our expansive city limits deserves to be free from discrimination.  That also includes those of us in the Houston TBLG community ranks.  It's why the HERO needs to pass and if you claim to love human rights, then that includes everyone in the 628 square miles of Texas soil we call home. 

The struggle to pass the HERO continues.

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