Sunday, May 04, 2014

Church Of The Real Signs

Photo: This among many other reasons is why I'm a Ride or Die for all things Monica Roberts.Come on down to the Church of The Real, in which Pastor Denny Upkins will tell it like it T-I-S is about the issues of the day as Deaconess Moni shouts Amen and hallelujah in the corner.

Church of the Real started as a hashtag Denny created when he was calling people out while issuing tell it like it T-I-S truths on his Facebook page.

Every now and then he drops a truth bomb on someone so thorough I just have to share it with y'all on the blog. 

So when I stumbled across a website that generates church signs and other graphics that you will occasionally see on this blog and my Facebook page over the next few months, that's when I got the idea to put some of his fave slogans on a Church of the Real sign 

While I created them for Denny and will deploy them on his Facebook page when I comment over there, from time to time they ill get deployed when I have to shut up my own trolls and assorted fools. 

Let the congregation say Amen!

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