Friday, May 30, 2014

H-town, It's Decline To Sign Time!

The HERO has been passed and autographed by Mayor Parker, and predictably the faith-based haters are starting to fan out and make a cosmetic attempt to gather signatures in different parts of the city so they aren't all coming from the  Second Baptist and Grace KKKommunity Church hate megachurches.

Received some anecdotal reports this morning about people being spotted yesterday in the 'hood trying to collect signatures to force a repeal vote on the HERO. 

Fortunately in both reported cases to me, we had HERO supporters that explained to people in the vicinity of the attempted signature gathering that the HERO passage on May 28 benefited them.  They were advised that if they signed those petitions, they were in effect signing to take away human rights from themselves

Needless to say the petition gatherers in those cases went away empty handed. 

The faith-based haters have 30 days to try to collect over 25,000 signatures in order to force the repeal vote.   So if someone approaches you over the next 30 days trying to get you to sign a petition, politely decline to do so.

The petition gatherers knoweth not the HERO benefits them, and have been hoodwinked and bamboozled into doing Dave Welch and Dave Wilson's dirty work.   

So assume that any petition being presented to you over the next 30 days that you are being asked to sign is a bait and switch one related to repealing the HERO and refuse to do so.    Every day they don't hit their signature targets is one day closer they come to failing to get enough qualified signatures to place a repeal effort on the November ballot.  

If they get their signatures, they get them.  But let's make them work as hard as possible in this humid Houston air to do so.    

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