Wednesday, May 21, 2014

HERO Updates, Notes and News-May 21

In our latest edition of HERO updates, notes and news we discovered that the Riggles weren't the only ones sowing transphobic hate speech from the pulpit on Sunday.   Pastor Ed Young of the Second Baptist megachurch was also stooping to that level to torpedo the HERO

Councilmember Michael Kubosh came out of the closet to declare he was a NO vote and while at the Sunday Riggle hate rally at Grace KKKommunity Church declared 'God put him in that council seat to oppose the HERO'. 

Silly me, thought it was a majority of the city of Houston's voters. Guess the Michael Kubosh campaign slogan next year will be: 'Fighting AGAINST You LGBT Houstonians'.

For those of you needing ammo to destroy the bathroom meme the haters are beating into hamburger, here's a Media Matters story that points out what we already know.  Laws like the HERO don't lead to the parade of horribles the christopimps are pushing to their low information sheeple. 

As a matter of fact Dave Welch and his Pastor's Council fools already tried to go there in April 2010 when Mayor Parker signed the executive order extending protections to trans* city workers

They lied then, and they are lying now.

Because I got so fed up with all the anti-trans hatred being pushed by the anti-HERO pastors, wrote this post to push back against it.   And speaking of pushback, I got asked along with Amelia because of all that off the charts faith based trans hate to do an interview on KPRC-TV 2 to discuss our local trans community uninterrupted by the haters.  The show will tape tomorrow and air Sunday.

Keep those calls coming to City Hall.

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