Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vote Day For The HERO

It was a long tough day at City Hall, and I'm getting my beauty sleep in preparation to go back to City Hall to hopefully witness history

I left City Hall last night around 9:00 PM with speakers still waiting to speak for and against the HERO,and it was a fun day.    Haters inside and outside the City Hall chambers, and the boringly predictable and head scratching arguments trying yo justify their hatred fueling their opposition to the HERO. 

The good news was that I got what I asked for when I spoke last week in Council dropping the problematic gender policing Section 17-51 (b) part of the public accommodations in which we would have had no recourse for an erroneou sr

Had the pleasure of sitting next to William Loyd for most of the afternoon until he had to leave to pick up his kids.   It was a little after 7 PM before I finally got my turn to speak, and Dee Dee Watters followed me with a rousing sermon like speech that even the faith-based haters found themselves saying Amen to.

At 9 AM CDT City Council reconvenes to vote on amendments and eventually the HERO as the haters desperately try to stall it so they can lie their way to more opposition of the much needed human rights ordinance. 

We could use some calls in favor of the HERO.   When you call, say that you support the Equal Rights Ordinance, that you support the amendments offered by Council members Gallegos and Gonzalez and that you oppose the Pennington amendments!

Mayor Annise Parker: 832-393-1012
Brenda Stardig: 832-393-3010
Jerry Davis: 832-393-3009
Ellen Cohen: 832-393-3004
Dwight Boykins: 832-393-3001
Dave Martin: 832-393-3008
Richard Nguyen: 832-393-3002
Oliver Pennington: 832-393-3007
Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Gonzalez: 832-393-3003
Robert Gallegos: 832-393-3011
Mike Laster: 832-393-3015
Larry Green: 832-393-3016
Stephen Costello: 832-393-3014
David Robinson: 832-393-3013
Michael Kubosh: 832-393-3005
C.O. 'Brad' Bradford: 832-393-3012
Jack Christie: 832-393-3017

Will be at 901 Bagby Street to check out the action tomorrow...

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