Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Black Trans History Links

It's almost halfway through Black History month 2013 an I realized I haven't done any Black trans history posts yet.

My bad, TransGriot readers.

Buried in the over 6400 posts I've written since January 1, 2006 are many that deal with Black trans history makers. 

In addition to the now three Black trans history quizzes,  I do have posts about various events personalities and compilation posts of the TransGriot Ten Questions Interviews I've done so far.

And yes, people.  I heard your voices speak in terms of you wanting more of those Ten Questions Interviews and will strive to do a better job of bringing those to you in 2013.

Black Trans History-Lucy Hicks Anderson

Black Trans History-Althea Garrison 

Black Trans History-Ajita Wilson

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview-Isis King

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview-Tracie Jada O'Brien

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview- Diamond Stylz

The Interesting Story of Gerald Trenton

The Story of Carlett Brown

Who Was The First African-American Transperson?

The Story of Georgia Black

Black Trans History-Jim McHarris

Jowelle De Souza-Trini Trans Pioneer

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