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The 3rd Annual African-American Trans History Quiz-The Answers

Well, did y'all have fun trying to answer the 3rd annual incarnation of the TransGriot African-American Trans History Quiz?    It was an open Internet test and I gave you the hint that some of the answer to these 25 questions were buried in previous TransGriot posts.

As promised the quiz answers, but gave y'all etra time and posted them at noon Central time Thursday..


1.  Kylar Broadus and Dr Marisa Richmond were two of the 13 delegates to this event that took place in Charlotte last summer.   Name the event.

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC

2. This Chicago activist wrote a one act play, organized a trans pride event and considers herself an 'artivist'  Who is she?

Kokumo Kinetic

3. This IFGE Trinity Award winner was appointed to this position in Washington DC.  Name the position.
Earline Budd,  human rights commissioner

4. True or False.  Janet Mock was invited to attend an LGBT reception at the Vice President's residence.


5.  The TransGriot was one of the participants in a historic event at last year's Netroots Nation.  What was it?

The first ever panel on trans issues 

6.  At  last year's NBJC OUT on the Hill their first ever trans town hall was conducted.  Who were the four participants in the town hall and who was the moderator of it?

Minister Carmarion Anderson, Danielle King, Valerie Spencer, the TransGriot and Laverne Cox was Moderator.

7. Rapper Katey Red made a cameo appearance on this HBO television show.  Name it.

8. According to a 1966 Sepia magazine article, who is considered the 'First Negro Sex Change"?

A. Avon Wilson                                C. Delisa Newton
B. Carlett Brown                              D. Carole Small

9. True or False.  Valerie Spencer was part of the first all trans production of The Vagina Monologues in 2004

10. Dee Dee Chamblee runs an organization called LaGender in this southern US city.   Name it.
It's in Atlanta

11. True or False.  Pioneering transman Alexander John Goodrum is from San Francisco.
False    He was from Chicago.   Moved to San Francisco and then Tuscon.  

12. Which one of these companies did Tracy Africa Norman NOT have a modeling campaign contract with during her heyday?

A. Clairol                                           C.  Ultra Sheen
B. Avon Cosmetics                             D.  Newport cigarettes

13.  True or False  Kortney Ryan Ziegler produced a 2008 film called 'Still Black: A Portrait Of Black Transmen'


14. Trans woman Georgia Black, whose story was chronicled in a 1951 EBONY article, lived in which Florida town?

A Sanford                                            C. Quincy
B Kissimmee                                        D. Tallahassee

15. Who said this in a 1954 EBONY magazine article?.  "I ain't done nothing wrong and I ain't beaking no laws"

Jim McHarris

16. In what year did Althea Garrison win her race for the Massachusetts state legislature?

17. KK Logan took what Indiana city's school board to court for barring her from attending her 2006 high school prom in femme attire?

A. Ft Wayne                                         C. Indianapolis
B. Gary                                                 D. Evansville

18. True or False. The police investigation into the death of Stonewall veteran Marsha P. Johnson was reopened.

19. This trans woman is the author of the novels The Other Women: A Story Of Three Transsexuals, The Lie, Sex And the Single Transsexual, and Shattered Dreams: An African American Family Story.   Name her. 

Pamela Hayes

20.  T Desiree Hines is someone we just lost to cancer.  What instrument did this talented musician play?
the organ

21. Titica is a girl like us who is a rising music star in her nation's fusion of techno and rap called kuduro.   What nation is she from?

22. What transperson said this line?  'We transwomen aren't taking any crap anymore from cis people who seem to think we exist to be a punchline for a joke or to bully to make themselves feel more secure in their own gender identities and sexual orientation.'
The TransGriot

23   True or False: FTM International has had an African-American trans man run it.
True.  His name is Zion Johnson

24.  Trans actress Ajita Wilson accomplished this feat in August 1981?  What was it? 
Appeared in the August 24, 1981 issue as a JET Beauty of the Week

25.  An African-American trans woman and transman were two of the people photographed for a groundbreaking anti-trans discrimination poster campaign in this city.   Name the city.
Washington DC.

To those of you who actually tried to answer the questions, thanks.  For those of you who waited until Thursday to get the answers, shame on you...

But hope you enjoyed it and learned a little something about Black trans history.   The point I wanted to make that trans history is not just our past or the exploits of our heroes and sheroes, but is also being made in the present time as well.

We will be doing this again in 2014


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