Monday, February 11, 2013

Isis Fall 2013 Collection Presentation

Y'all know I'm so bursting at the seams proud of my fashion designing little sis.

Nice segue into what this post is about.   For you peeps in the New York metro area it's Fall Fashion Week 2013.

Isis' main job when she's not lecturing or taking part in discussions on trans issues is as a fashion designer.  Many of the clothes you see her wearing when she's on the runways or taking photos at community events are of her own design.  

With the international fashion world descending on New York for Fashion Week, Isis will be doing a premiere and presentation of her Fashion Collection.

She's entitled it 'The Goldest Winter Ever" and it will be taking place at the Wix Lounge from 6-7:30 PM EST.

Location of the presentation event is the Wix Lounge at  10 West 18th Street in New York, NY between 5th and 6th Streets.  It will be on the second floor level of the club.

Best of luck sis and hope it's one overwhelmingly successful event.

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