Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Not To Ask Me To Join My Facebook Page

One of the things about being a person of color, especially a POC activist is you never know when and where the vanillacentic privileged idiocy is going to come from.

Believe it or not the latest chapter of somebody tripping and stepping to me was on my own Facebook page.

I have over 1600 people on my personal page and over 150 people trying to get on it. I'm not trying to hit my personal page limit yet, and after I cleaned out my page of TS separatists and their sympathizers back in 2011 because they couldn't behave themselves, I instituted a rule that if you had any of those known TS separatists on your Facebook friends list, I didn't know you, you put no reason for why you wanted to join my page, you left your profile info sketchy, or you didn't come recommended by someone I personally knew and had already admitted I wasn't adding you to my page.

Last night I received a personal Facebook message from Robyn Carolyn Montague wanting to know why I hadn't approved adding her to my page.

Robyn Carolyn Montague

I had sent a friend request some time ago ... I find it odd that that request had as of yet not been approved. True, I do follow some of the lesser liked in our Community, but what better
way to follow other's opinions and rhetoric. If there is a specific issue that you have about me, that is understandable, but would like to hear that rather than guess.


You can find it odd all you want.  There are some peeps that don't check their Facebook page every day, and I do have a life beyond this blog.

Monica Roberts

I tossed the TS separatists off my FB page after they started major drama on my FB page...anyone who had those folks on their FB friends list I was NOT approving at that time..

Note I didn't say she was a TS separatist, but I guess reading comprehension wasn't her strong suit in school.

Robyn Carolyn Montague

I am not a separtist dear ... I work for the Community, I am (really) on the streets working for our homeless, those without jobs ... I work for economic justice, not gay supremacy ...

Whatever you wish to believe ... At any rate, thank you for responding, I appreciate that ....

Much love
My intuition is telling me something is up with this, so I throw her another bone to see where her head is at.

Monica Roberts

And I also get 20 to 30 requests to join my FB page per day it takes me time to sort through them...

I'm still handling my other online business when this message pops up


Robyn Carolyn Montague

And yes, Ashley, Teresa are all blocked, I watched them for as long as I could ... I sent the request a year ago ...

The Ashley and Teresa she's referring to are Ashley Love and Teresa Ellen Reeves, people I kicked to the Facebook curb during my WWBT purge.  So I go back to compiling a post I was working on, then this puzzling message comes up. 

Robyn Carolyn Montague

Never mind ... I will continue to follow you on Twitter ... you don't have to follow me ... my stuff there is about 'people' 'trans' and some of the humor I share, and the reality of life ... Yes I am privileged, white and trans ... I remind people of that all of the time ... I cannot share it in $ but do share it in the work I do ...

Not being confrontational (sp?) simply that I have for the most part, agree with you ....

I sign off of Facebook to go watch the 'Necessary Roughness' season 2 finale and catch up on the news of the day.  While I'm doing that check out the next message this vanillacentric privileged rhymes with itch sent me.

Robyn Carolyn Montague

ps ... you are a racist, too ...
I'm chilling out and watching 'Necessary Roughness' at that time in the living.   Nowhere close to my computer that is in my bedroom.

Robyn Carolyn Montague

You have lost all respect I had for you. you are no better than Ashley

I sign back into my computer a few enjoyable hours later to see that bull feces and resisted my first impulse to rip her a new anus.  She better be glad I'd had my Blue Bell Homemade in the Shade ice cream. 

Frankly my dear, I really don't care what the frack you think after you leveled that tired ass 'racist' charge at me.   

Monica Roberts

Bullying me isn't going to get you access to my Facebook fact, you're making it less likely you'll be accepted on it..

So I post the conversation to my Facebook page and other peeps comment on it.   I didn't get around to blocking her and this message comes through

Robyn Carolyn Montague

Ha ... speaking about bullying, hmmm ... who is the bully .... instead, you are quite the bully bitch ... I know all about you ... but instead, I remain qute the lady .... much unlike yourself (meaming attitude) ...

I woud like to meet you ....


I blocked her azz after that.   But now it's time to do the anus ripping  I declined to do last night.

Naw, trick, that's Ms Bitch to you, and you're about to find out how much of one I can be.

You're not a lady, you're another late transitioning asshole that still is carrying around that WMPesque attitude you spent much of your life marinating in.   You disrespect me, call me a racist and have the vanillacentric privileged gall to think I want to meet you?  

I doubt that you would have disrespected any white activist who has the same status level I do as you just did to me, and you're a prime example of what I talk about in terms of why POC  transpeople are loath to have anything to do with boorish transpeeps like you.  

Please, you're the one who is making an ass out of yourself begging to get on my Facebook page . BTW racism=prejudice plus systemic power, and if you'd retained any of your Sociology 101 you'd know that.

And naw, you don't know me, because if you did, you'd know better than to step to me in that disrespectful way you did last night and ensure you'll never join the ranks of the now 1,690 people and counting people who enjoy my Facebook posts.  The 1,690 people I have on my page now are people of intelligence, class, substance and style, qualities you failed to demonstrate with your passive-aggressive commentary.   

This is my Facebook page, my rules.  There are people who I've requested to be FB friends with that don't check their pages as frequently as I do and I had to wait weeks or months before I got cleared to join their pages.  

Ss what makes you think you're so special that I'm just supposed to drop whatever I'm doing and add your azz to my page?  Oh yeah, silly me, that white privilege you proudly proclaimed you have.  You better put down whatever hallucinogenic drugs you're smoking and leave me the hell alone.

You just became an example to the entire world of how not to ask someone to add them to their personal Facebook page.

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