Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Petition Delivered To LA Times-Meeting Soon

I posted a story about Gender Justice LA along with other trans people in the LA area being more than a little pissed off  about the disrespectful reporting in their paper of record concerning a recent article by reporter Sam Quinones that disrespected the slain Cassidy Vickers.

Hannah Howard brought to my attention the effort to not only collect signatures on a petition to be delivered to the Los Angeles Times offices asking the paper to use more sensitivity and care when it comes to covering transgender people and trans issues, they were also seeking a meeting to discuss community concerns about that coverage.

"The use of male pronouns, birth names, and terms like 'men with women's breasts and clothes' to refer to transgender women brings up painful memories for many of us in the transgender community," the petition states.  "Throughout our lives, people refuse to acknowledge our gender identities, use our birth names and birth genders to refer to us against our will, and respond with varying degrees of harassment and violence when we protest."

The petition containing over 300 names was delivered on Friday, and the Times agreed to meet with community members and GLAAD to discuss those issues.

Will keep you posted on this unfolding story..

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