Sunday, February 17, 2013

Congrats On Your Fab Fashion Show, Isis!

What many people don't realize about my multi-talented sis Isis is that she is a fashion designer who creates many of the dresses she wears when she's on the red carpet of some of our community events.

Last week was Fashion Week in New York, and Monday night at the Wix Lounge saw the debut of Isis' Fall 2013 clothing line. 

The people in attendance at 'The Goldest Winter Ever' included Laverne Cox and Janet Mock.  The models walking the runway included some of her castmates from America's Next Top Model wearing her clothing designs that were a hit with the crowd and reporters covering it.

Isis was appreciative of the love and support she received from peers, friends, family members and fans. "I am still in shock and overwhelmed," she said in an interview. "Great turnout, great press, everything looked amazing on the girls. My stylist Hayden pulled amazing pumps for the girls to wear. Their faces were gold like I wanted. The world gets to see my imagination come to life."

Yep, but I said as much back in 2008, so it really shouldn't have been a big surprise

Sis, you have the look, the intelligence and the talent to go all the way. I have no doubts that you will succeed at whatever you choose to do. You also have something else going for you that many people don't have who are trying to enter the fashion industry- a worldwide community of people who love you and wish you nothing but success.

And those people who love you and wish you nothing but success include a certain Texas based blogger.   Congrats on a fabulous show and hope you have many more like it to come at future Fashion Weeks..

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