Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Computer Prime Is Dead

Well, after seven years of faithful service and a rebuild, my desktop computer died on me yesterday.   Time of death was approximately 2:25 PM  Monday afternoon.  

Yeah, it sucks because I'm still working on my speech for the upcoming Black Transmen, Inc conference in Dallas, but I look at it as I was fortunate my computer lasted this long. 

So until I get it replaced and raise the funds to do so, looks like I'll be making a several block walk to the HPL Young Branch to post stuff on TransGriot and keep up with what's happening online.

I do have a PayPal button on the left hand margin of my TransGriot blog if y'all wanna help a sistah out and get her back online as expeditiously as possible.

Oh well, I did say during the LGBT Media Convening I needed to lose some of my Christmas holiday weight I put on.

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