Friday, February 15, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-2013 NBA All Star Weekend Edition

It's NBA All Star Weekend here in H-town! 

The events got kicked off with the opening in the George R. Brown Convention Center of the NBA All-Star Jam Session, which is the interactive basketball celebration that covers most of the cavernous GRB.

The NBA Rising Stars Challenge happens tonight with teams coached by Shaq and Charles Barkley.   The All-Star Saturday Night happens with the dunk contest, three point shooting and skills contest all capped off by the 62nd NBA All-Star Game being played at the Toyota Center on Sunday.

I'll probably be watching some of the All-Star weekend activities on TV, and many of the players have already arrived in town or are on their way. 

But y'all didn't surf by the blog to see jibber-jabber about All-Star weekend, y'all want me to get to the usual Friday 'bidness' of calling out our Shut Fool Award winning all-star team of fools.  

This was a week chock full of fools, so let's get right to it.

Honorable mention number one goes to Rep Steve Stockman (Teabagger-TX) for inviting NRA board member Ted Nugent  to the SOTU speech.

Honorable mention number two goes to Sen Marco Rubio (Teabagger-FL) for his jacked up SOTU response speech that we'll never forget because he took a water break in the middle of it.

Honorable mention number three goes to Wayne LaPierre, who every time he opens his mouth makes his organization more irrelevant in American politics and put them on a par with the Klan.

File:Lil Wayne in Concert.jpgHis latest attempt to solidify his early lead for 2013 Shut Up Fool of the Year was this racist fact-free rant.

It was close, but this week's Shut Up Fool winner is rapper Lil Wayne.

This fool in his song 'Karate Chop' managed the jacked up double play of writing a misogynistic lyric that also disrespected the family of Emmett Till at the same time by saying he would beat up a woman’s private parts like Emmett Till.

Epic Records not only issued an apology to the Till family, but is pulling the song.   

But need to signal boost this post calling this deserving SDF winner out and the people who support him..  Y'all and Li Wayne need some immediate remedial Black history lessons so you can understand why people are calling your azz out about that double dip of disrespect.

Umm dude?  Did you not realize that Emmett Till was brutally beaten until his face was disfigured and killed in 1955 for whistling at a white woman? ..  

Lil Wayne, You not only get a Shut the HELL up Fool  for this one, you also need to be sentenced to spending some quality time with the D.R.O.P. Squad.  I'm breaking out the Negro Iz U Sirius?!!! badge for this one.

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