Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tracy Africa Video

I was checking out the Luna Show on YouTube since he interviews many of the personalities in the ballroom community. I was happy to note for his 100th episode he featured Tracy Norman, AKA Tracy Africa.

I've mentioned her in more than a few TransGriot posts concerning the ballroom community and its connections to the New York modeling scene. I've also talked about her as an example of the beauty of African descended transpeople as well.

In the 70's and 80's Tracy was a print and runway model getting paid with several major contracts and considered a 'Baby Beverly Johnson', one of the premier Black models of the time.

That was until a hater spilled her 'T' during a sixth  ESSENCE photo shoot and put a major crimp in her then successful career as a model.

She became a ballroom icon with the House of Africa and was elected to the Ballroom Hall of Fame in 2001.

Here's the fascinating YouTube video of the Luna interview with one of our icons, Tracy Africa.

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