Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go Get Your Vote On!

There are primary elections in several states today, and if you reside in one of them, time for you to take a few moments out of your day and participate.

Voting is not just for racist GOP leaning teabaggers, it is your voice for way of changing the status quo. When you are part of a minority group, sitting out an election is NEVER an option.

So take the first steps in ensuring an idiot free Congress. Go to your nearest polling place and get your vote on.

And if you need some motivation, here's the Isley Brothers 'Fight The Power' to get you in the mood for doing so.

If you need more motivation than that, remember the Tea Klux Klan will be motivated to vote not only in the primary, but wants to put the same GOP do nothings back in power that caused our country's problems in the first place.

So go handle your civic business. Your city, your state and your country will thank you for it later.

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