Friday, May 07, 2010

Moni's Last Louisville Supper

At this moment I'm probably crying a little bit as I chill at my fave Louisville pizza place and enjoy a last meal with friends.

I fell in love with Impellizzeri's pizza before I moved up here at its old location.

It's also where Polar had his wedding rehearsal dinner back in 2004. They shut down for two years after that, then reopened in a new location on Bardstown Road a few blocks from Eastern Parkway.

The pizza and those garlic breadsticks dripping in butter are still there.

So if I was going to pick a place to have a last meal in town with my Louisville family, that's one of them. It has special significance for me, Polar and Dawn.

Besides, I already hit Kingfish on River Rd. two weeks ago and ate some 'Krispy Kracks' since they pulled out of the Houston market in 2006.

Well, until the next time.

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