Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary STRAP!

Thanks to Naomi's excellent PinayTG blog, I've been able to keep up with developments happening with our transpinay sisters in the Philippines and around the world through links from her site.

I learned that the 8th anniversary of STRAP's founding is occurring this month as well. I have had the distinct pleasure of not only getting to know Naomi, but Sass Rogando Sasot, one of the founders of that trailblazing organization.

Since 2002, STRAP has grown to not only become an advocacy and support group for transpinays, they have developed transwomen who are highly regarded leaders on the world stage in terms of transgender rights issues.

So I definitely wanted to give STRAP a shout out at the beginning of its anniversary month.

Happy 8th Anniversary STRAP!

May you continue to grow, prosper, and educate people about our lives in the Philippines.

May you also continue your tradition of being shining example of courageous leadership for transpinays and your trans sisters around the world.

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