Sunday, May 16, 2010

Congrats Class of 2010

Wanted to take a moment to wish TransGriot reader Nicole Matos my heartfelt congratulations as you graduate from Bryn Mawr College's Class of 2010.

My talented cousin Llayron Adkins is also graduating from Prairie View A&M this December. I'll have to post some of his dance videos on the blog for y'all to check out.

I'm also taking this opportunity to wish my old Section 126 Comets section mate Charles Thibodeaux my congratulations as well. 'King Charles' as I used to call him back in the day has grown a bit taller since I last laid eyes on him and is graduating from high school this year.

I know his family is ecstatic about it, but I'm jumping for joy as well that this young scholar will be headed to Harvard in the fall.

To 'errbody' else in the Class of 2010, whether it be collegiate or the high school level, glad you're getting that paper. Best of luck as you high schoolers move on to tackle the challenges of collegiate life and you college grads tackle the challenges of graduate school or (sniff, sniff0 the cold, cruel world.

Whatever path your life takes, may it be filled with minimal stress and abundant blessings.

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