Friday, May 07, 2010

The Journey Begins Back To Houston

I've packed my stuff including the computer, and I'm headed south on I-65 in a few hours to complete the circle that unexpectedly started in 2001.

I'm headed back home to Houston starting at 6:00 AM EDT.

Thanks to the automated posting feature on this blog, you'll have some fresh content while I'm rolling through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, finally crossing the Sabine River back into the home state and making the 100 plus mile run from the Texas-Louisiana border to Houston.

If I get some computer access along the journey since me and Polar are planning an overnight stop somewhere along the route, I'll tell y'all about this latest road trip that's probably going to be a little more emotional than others I've chronicled.

It's kind of a bittersweet moment. I'm leaving friends and family I made here in Louisville, but I'm returning to lifelong ones I made back and my family, blood relatives and chosen ones in the Lone Star State.

I'm planning on keeping a trip diary and posting it once I get settled in Houston

In the meantime, to keep you occupied, I've got some various Houston artists videos to keep you occupied until I get back to my regular posting schedule.

First up, my Houston homegirl Beyonce.

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