Saturday, May 08, 2010

Louisiana Memories

Polar and I as you read this are probably at our planned stopping point of Hammond, LA.

Yep, we're in Jindalland after our day started earlier this morning in Da Ville rolling the moving van southwards on I-65.

We picked Hammond because Interstate 55 intersects with I-12 here, and once we get on I-12 west it's a short run to Red Stick (aka Baton Rouge) and the intersection of I-10.

I-10 west will take me through Louisiana's state capitol, over the Mississippi River, through the Atchafalaya swamp, past Lafayette, Lake Chuck and finally the last 30 miles to the Texas-Louisiana line at the Sabine River.

Louisiana is special because it's another one of the places that is home for me. For two years I lived in Marrero, LA just across the river from New Orleans. I started elementary school there and my godsister and her family still live on the West Bank. I have a few friends still living in Da Swamps who have told me they're happy to hear that I'm back on the Gulf Coast and I'm only a five hour drive away west of them.

When I worked for CAL, one of my first non-rev trips I took when I became pass eligible was to New Orleans. I flew to the city several times during my time there because it was a short flight to the French Quarter and a club on St. Charles Ave I used to hit called Nexus. It was a jazz piano bar downstairs and had a dance floor with DJ upstairs.

There was one memorable night I hit the place and Charmaine Neville was performing at the jazz bar part of Nexus the same weekend that New Orleans was invaded by Washington Redskins fans. The DJ obliged by playing a lot of go-go that night in his music mix.

If you want to get on my good side bring me a dozen beignets from Cafe DuMonde and you have gained a BFF.

And yes, my other fave NFL team plays in the Superdome. Geaux Saints!

Polar and I probably are going to find something to eat and call it a night because we still have some driving to do before we hit the Houston city limits.

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