Sunday, July 06, 2008

TransGriot Is An AfroSpear Member Blog!

I received word that TransGriot is now officially a member of the AfroSpear!

What's the AfroSpear you ask? As Electronic Villager wrote in his post, theres the blogosphere, and the Blackosphere.. which is a growing, ever expanding place as evidenced by The Villager's Black Blag Rankings.

The 166 African-American blogs (and growing) that make up the AfroSpear not only aspire to use the Net to inform, but also use the blogosphere to educate and uplift our people, and by brainstorming and seeking out concrete solutions and compiling action plans for various issues.

TransGriot has come to the attention of some members of the AfroSpear who link here. The group shares some of the same goals that I do in terms of using blogging as a catalyst for positive change.

The AfroSpear bloggers spearheaded the charge that got the Jena 6 case on the MSM radar screen. They are blogging about diverse issues such as Darfur, missing African-American women and the lack of media attention it receives, politics, and cleaning up gangsta rap just for starters.

The AfroSpear is "setting Black agendas and shaping public opinion." -- Los Angeles Times, 10/18/2007

This is what I wrote for my application as to why I wanted to become a member of the AfroSpear:

"I believe the Afrospear's purpose is to not only inform our people, but to correct disinformation about African Americans and find common ground in which we can begin to solve the problems that retard our progress as a people.

As a African American progressive blogger who is transgender as well, I have another perspective to bring to the table of issues that affect our African American family. I lecture and do seminars about transgender issues as well in addition to on TransGriot make the connections between our history and current events. I also want to show through my blog that African American transpeople like myself have much to offer our community and are as concerned about uplifting the race as anyone else. I'd consider it a great honor to become part of this AfroSpear."

So for those members of the AfroSpear that may be visiting TransGriot for the first time, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for honoring me and this blog by extending an invitation to join. This post will serve as a central place in which you can leave your 'welcome to the AfroSpear comments' on this thread. Of course, if you wish to check out some of my past, present and future posts, please do so as well.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Way to go! I'll raise my Frenchy's wing to that!!


Monica Roberts said...

Thanks OG...
How was your trip home and what part of H-Town did you grow up in?

I may not have Frenchy's here in Da Ville, but I do have Blue bell now. ;)