Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Holiday Hatin' On Transpeople Needs To Stop

The day after the 2011 Transgender Day of Remembrance concluded, I wrote a post that asked if the planet would stop hating on transpeople for the holiday season.   I didn't know that as I was composing that piece on the other side of the International Date Line an Australian shock jock in Sydney was engaging in transphobia on his radio show.

In rapid succession the news surfaced that a California transwoman was tasered in the genital area by a transphobic ranger.  Ms. W lost another round in her ongoing legal quest to marry her boyfriend.  A New Zealand pizza chain was caught passing out transphobic 'misfortune' cookies.  The rad fems are on the rant and a San Antonio transwoman was denied access to a Macy's fitting room by a faith based transphobe

Damn, what's next?.  Is Pope Benedict XVI going to top his stank 2008 Christmas message and specifically hate on transpeople instead of attacking gender theory?

I'm getting sick of it, and the holiday hatin' on transpeople needs to stop.

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