Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No More Down Low TV-Out On The Hill Youth Leaders Summit

One of the things I really enjoyed during the 2011 Out On Th Hill Conference in addition to meeting many of the leaders in the Black GLBT community was meeting our future leaders as well.

Had the pleasure of meeting people such as Jeshawna Wholley, Jane Vaughn and a host of students who are either recent graduates of HBCU's like Jeshawna or are currently matriculating on HBCU campuses as we speak.   

On the Saturday of the conference there was a youth leaders summit and panel discussion in which we got an insight on the issues that affect them, what they are thinking about and what thy need from those of us who have been in the rainbow community human rights game for a while.

The TransGriot did ask some questions and made some comments during it, but it didn't make the final edit for this segment.  

This is the No More Down Low TV video for the OOTH Youth Activist Segment

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