Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recall Scott Walker Effort Passes 500,000 Signatures!

The Recall Scott Walker effort in Wisconsin is moving at warp speed and continuing to gather signatures at a blistering pace.  It took them only 12 days to get the first 300,000 signatures, and the good news just keeps on coming. 

United Wisconsin, the coalition group coordinating the recall effort announced that they have passed the 500,000 signature mark, just 40,000 signatures short of the magic 540,208 they will need by January 17 to put the recall election on the ballot.  

To be precise, they have collected 507,533 signatures but United Wisconsion is not stopping there.   In order to withstand the expected Republifool dirty tricks and signature validity challenges they are aiming to collect another 720, 277 signatures, 250,000 more than they need to give them a cushion to get the recall election party started.

Will keep y'all posted.

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