Monday, December 26, 2011

Hatin' On Transpeople For The Holidays In The Great White North

The North West Territories to be precise. 

According to the Dented Blue Mercedes blog, we had another eruption of Holiday Transphobia Gone Wild on December 9.

Seems that student Gabrielle Landrie was alleged to have been asked on three occasions by Northwest Territories Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger to leave the campus during the visit of Governor General David Johnston to Aurora College.

The reason?  Because according to Miltenberger she allegedly spooked the Governor General.

Hmm. Sounds like yours or if it's true the Governor General's issue, niot Gabrielle's.   She had every right to be on that campus as a student there.

Interestingly enough, Gender Identity is an explicitly protected grounds of discrimination in NWT human rights law and policy so a human rights complaint has been Landrie against Miltenberger. .

Stay turned, this is going to be a very interesting situation playing out up there.

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