Monday, December 12, 2011

I Don't Hate WWBT's, I Hate Your Vanillacentric Doctrine

Over the weekend I actually tried to have a dialogue with a transsexual separatist on a Facebook trans group to find out for myself why they have their panties in a bunch over the transgender umbrella.  

The person I had the discussion with was one who had been kicked out of her home for being trans, admittedly had a sixth grade education and a hard life.  But that's no excuse for her obviously having a problem with award winning chocolate trans me being in this discussion. 

Despite me picking up on the bigotry in her comments, I tried to let it slide and attempted to focus on the discussion until she accused me of  'playing the race card'.   At that point I had enough of playing nice with her azz and dropped 50 megatons of knowledge on her behind.   She responded in typical WWBT fashion by tossing out the 'Moni is fixated on race' spin line, misgendering me and then when I called the person on her BS flee from the conversation while attempting to cry white women's tears .

As I've said and noted before in numerous posts about the TS separatists or as I call them the White Women Born Transsexual, they have a major problem with any transperson who doesn't think like they do or questions the genitalia=gender 'true transsexual' medical model.  

They especially have a problem if the transsexual who has a contrarian opinion is intelligent, non-white, proud of her heritage and is not going to bow down or stifle what she has to say in deference to them.

The fact that I am a longtime Trinity Award winning Black trans leader making the same arguments many of my white trans counterparts do with an Afrocentric twist in favor of an inclusive and expansive transgender umbrella and definition of transsexual makes it too damn easy for white TSers to revert to their old vanillacentric bag of silencing tricks and attempt to dismiss what I have to say.

They claim I hate then, attempt to use conservafool projection tactics to hide the bigotry and vanillacentric privilege, 'mud slinging' or try to paint me as 'angry'. 
Every time I try to reach out individually to some of them it results in transsexual separatists disrespecting me, silencing attempts, outright racist slurs and bigotry aimed at me.  They also like to deploy a new trick they picked up in trying to use the 'white women's tears' gambit.   

As we say in the Lone Star State, that dog won't hunt.

As I said in that long ongoing thread,
I'm not 'throwing around a card'. I'm speaking truth about my chocolate trans life and you refuse to hear it.  I get tired as a POC transperson of having that charge leveled at me in mixed racial company discussions because my truth does not and will not always neatly line up with yours because of the reality that my trans experience is filtered through the prism of me growing up Black in America.

And some of y'all can't handle that truth.

Race and class and the inequalities they cause exist in trans world along with white privilege and only a fool would deny that reality.

While having discussions about labels that affect all of us in the trans community, it is illogical to have a discussion that attempts to reimage any term applicable to the overall transgender community without having non-white transpeople and our leaders front and center in that discussion
especially in light of the fact it has been POC transpeople's blood that has disproportionately been shed in this march for trans human rights.  

Some of those leaders that we in POC trans communities choose to take part in those discussions will not be palatable to you, but that's your problem, not ours.  

News flash
:  In the second decade of the 21st century trans POC's have the talent, education and ability to hold thought leadership positions in this community.  You don't like that new paradigm, too damned bad.

Translation: to break it down for you WWBT's the discussions about trans labels that impact all of our lives as t
transpeople isn't going to be a whites-only party and y'all need to get over it..

I'm making it abundantly clear where I stand and you can run tell that to the rest of WWBT World and your radical lesbian separatist allies like the Exterminationalist Twins where I stand.

I hate your WWBT doctrine, the racist memes you're pushing, and the failure to realize that transpeople have 'been there done that' when it comes to the medical model.  It didn't work from the 1950's to the 1980's and it damned sure isn't going to work in the 2K10's.

I don't hate you TS separatists individually, I despise your selfish vanillacentric doctrine. 

I have to ask the question once again.  If you hate the transgender label and the community that has been coalescing and evolving around it, why stay in a community you loudly hate since you're women now? 

You are free to leave, adhere to the failed medical model of transsexuality and go on your quixotic mission of chasing pseudo-cisgender status. 

What I'm saying about you are some of the same things we've been saying in the Black Trans Revolution Will Not Be Televised discussions we in chocolate transworld have been having for years about TS separatism. I'm just the one who is in the position and ain't 'scurred' to bring that hard dose of reality to your behinds in living color, pun intended.

And you and your separatist buds can hate that all you want.

I don't hate WWBT's, I hate your vanillacentric exclusionary doctrine you're trying to pimp.

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Anonymous said...

The "true transsexuals" are assimilationist, and the culture they want to assimilate into is racist. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised they're white. I hadn't connected the dots before, though, thanks for opening my eyes.