Sunday, December 18, 2011

Former New Zealand MP Beyer Having Tough Time

Back in 1999 she made headlines and gave the international trans community a huge sense of pride in her trailblazing achievement when she became the first open trans person on the planet to be elected to their national legislature.

Now 54 year old Georgina Beyer has hit hard times since leaving New Zealand's Parliament and after selling her home and possessions to stay afloat financially is collecting unemployment and now living in a one bedroom apartment. 

You would think that Ms Beyer as a former Labour MP would be hired by someone in New Zealand wishing to take advantage of her twenty years of government experience, her party would be scrambling to find her something or someone would have her giving paid motivational speeches at their events to help her out.

But I suspect there's something else at work here.   Can you say "anti-trans discrimination" TransGriot readers?   Thought you could.

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