Thursday, December 15, 2011

Arrest Made In Shelley Hilliard Murder

There's some good news this holiday season in that Qasim Raqib, the alleged murderer of Michele 'Shelley' Hilliard has been arrested and charged with the horrific dismemberment killing of her.

There's also news about a motive for it beyond the trans issues.  

Seems that Michele was an informant for the Madison Heights, MI Police according to a report from Fox2 Detroit.  Facing jailtime, Hilliard agreed to take part in a drug sting for Madison Heights Police.

The deal went down and officers arrested Raqib.  He was certain that he was set up by Hilliard and wanted revenge. After posting bond Raqib purchased a cellphone and lured her to the Longfellow address in Detroit where she was dropped off on October 23 by a cab driver, ambushed and later killed.  
The family is pleased that her murderer has been caught and is facing justice.

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