Monday, December 19, 2011

Has Jules Manson Been Arrested Yet For Threatening The First Family?

Back during Dubya's first term, there was a contentious argument happening about him on one of our online trans forums that got so heated that a person opposed to him made an intemperate remark calling for his violent untimely demise.

That person posted a note less than 48 hours later reporting that Secret Service agents had come knocking on their door, and one of the GW Bush supporters posted a note moments afterward bragging about calling the Secret Service and reporting the conversation.

Fast forward to 2011 and a comment made by a California Tea Klux Klan member and Ron Paul supporter in which in he called for on his Facebook page in his words "Assassinate the fucken n****r and his monkey children.'

That's a whole 'nother post I can go on full rant about in terms of being another example of the repeated racist behavior that leads me to dislike libertarianism and the Tea Klux Klan, but I'm staying focused for now on Jules Manson's behind.

Hmm, wonder if he's related to Charles?   

I'm waiting for his buddies to rush forward and claim he was 'misspeaking'.  I'm expecting the half-assed insincere apology that will be forthcoming along with the Teabaggers and libertarians who will come rushing over here in the wake of me posting this claiming neither Manson or they 'aren't racist' because of the presence of a few token cookie chomping sellout knee-grows in their respective overwhelmingly vanillacentric movements.

I'm also waiting for the news stating that the Secret Service either busted Manson's azz or had a long chit chat with him.

The longer cricket chirping silence surrounds this latest call for the assassination of President Obama and members of the First Family, the more it reinforces in the minds of African-Americans that when it comes to our bodies, none is valued in the face of unbridled vanillacentric bigotry and racism, even those of the POTUS, FLOTUS and the First Daughters. 
Post-racial America my azz.

TransGriot Note: According to the ObamaCrat blog, Manson has been visited by the Secret Service and has posted the half-assed apology I predicted he would.

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