Sunday, December 11, 2011

WWBT Haterade Spoiling The Holidays

For some reason the holiday season has brought another infestation of WWBTism into trans community comment threads from the usual white sheet wearing suspects. 

Hmm, maybe they're upset because people have been ignoring them and their revisionist bull feces.

Before y'all start hollering, "there she goes again' I have a confession to make. 

Contrary to the spin being propagated in WWBT transsexual world I don't hate 'errbody' who identifies as WBT.   Nor am I in favor of any trans person  having their path to genital surgery blocked should that be your desire. Anyone who says otherwise is a bald faced liar.  

My contempt is focused on the segment of transsexual separatist leaders who have attacked, misgendered and disrespected me for simply having an opinion grounded in truth and 15 plus years of working for the human rights advancement of all trans people to the point I'm tired of it. 

I'm simply reacting to the negativity aimed at me by Sharon Gaughan and her WWBT minions who continually exhibit the behaviors I castigate them for.

So since trying to talk to them and get them to focus on common concerns all trans people share is like trying to use logic and reason with a Tea Klux Klan member, I'm done with that.

Come to think of it, given their pattern of ignoring facts, trying to rewrite history and sowing dissension, wouldn't be surprised if many of them did attend Tea Klux Klan events.

Ahem.  moving on. Since they've been disrupting comment threads again, I'm saying what I need to say about a few subjects including the latest blowup on these electronic pages.

So what are the goals for trans human rights?   They are to build community unity, advocate for comprehensive trans human rights laws with enforceable teeth, ending the violence aimed at us, education about our issues, and making it easier for transpeople to transition without barriers.

Denise Norris and countless other trans folks in this community get that.  To point of what she said in a recent online discussion before it was trolled and disrupted by WWBT's:

Transgender, as a meta-group, unites all those individuals who society would cast out because they present a non-conforming gender expression as judged by society.

Transgender, as a meta-group, stands up to society and says that everyone should be treated equally, no matter what their gender expression.

Protecting just Gender Identity is not enough. We need to protect Gender Expression as well. Imagine being told by your employer, school or community that "we respect your gender identity is atypical, but don't express it in public." That is exactly how the discrimination will continue if we don't protect Gender Expression.

But to protect Gender Expression, we need to be willing to protect ALL forms of Gender Expression. This is why Transgender casts a wide net of inclusion.

Trans separatists don't want a wide net of inclusion.   The desire for recognition in the WWBT transsexual separatist ranks is wrapped up in a stank package of white privilege, bigotry, shame, guilt,  classism, self hatred, the futile chase for psuedo cisgender privilege and the willful disregard for the issues of transpeople of color and those who are just starting the feminine transition journey.

Anyone ever seen a self identified transsexual separatist advocating for other people's human rights except when it furthers their own selfish and exclusionary vanillacentric agenda?  

You won't because they don't believe there is a trans community despite reams of evidence to the contrary.

Get to stepping and go hang out with your rad fem buddies at MichFest, if they let you onto The Land. We're tired of you trying to redefine transsexual to fit a failed narrow medical model so you can cahse the fool's gold of pseudo cisprivilege.

I'll say it again.  If you peeps don't want to be part of the trans community, step.   It'll make it a happier place for the rest of us and a more pleasant holiday season without your drama.

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