Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tonight's Kandi Koated Nights Podcast-Potential Transphobic Trainwreck?

Kandi Burruss from the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reality TV show has a Wednesday evening podcast at 10:30 PM EST and got a heads up from Erin Andrea Bonner about the subject of tonight's show.

Surfed over to the website and this is what it had to say about tonight's subject:.

Make sure you all log on to kkn tomorrow night (tonight) as it will be our last live show of the year and we are going out with a bang our topic is “If you fell in love with someone and found out they were a transgender would you stay in love with them”?

Why do I have the sinking feeling this will be along the 'Hate on Transpeople for the Holidays' theme and is a transphobic train wreck about to happen?

Hope it isn't, but lately cispeople's track records when it comes to discussing aspects of our lives without one of us in the room to keep them in reality check mode, especially during this holiday season hasn't exactly been exemplary.

Will have to check this show out and and see if my suspicions about this Kandi Koated Nights podcast are confirmed.

TransGriot Note:  Yep, they were.   It was a transphobic train wreck.

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