Friday, December 30, 2011

Shut Up Fool Awards- Last Shut Up Fool For 2011 Edition

Well folks, time flies when you're exposing fools on a weekly basis. Was it only 364 days ago we were getting over our buzz from the New Year's Eve 2011 celebrations and dealing with the reality of giddy Tea Klux Klan members and Republifools crowing about the results of the 2010 midterms?

What a difference 364 days make.

Well, as you TransGriot readers know, it's Friday and time for me to reveal who the last Shut Up Fool award winner for 2011 will be.  I will also reveal tomorrow before you head out to get your New Year's Eve partying on who I chose for this year's Shut Up Fool of the Year.

So first things first.   Who wan the last Shut Up Fool for 2011?  

As always we had a tight competition for this coveted award.   Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, a group award for Fox Noise, a group award for PETA, Mitt Romney,Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and Sen. Mitch McConnell

The envelope please.

The last Shut Up Fool weekly award winner for 2011 is Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

He had a week on the presidential campaign trail in Iowa in which his old racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic newsletters came out and he tried to deny he wrote the racist and homophobic parts.  

Yeah, right.   The same person who just four years ago declined to 'refudiate' the endorsement of the neo-nazi group Stormfront.  

He then accepted an endorsement from genocide pimp Rev. Phillip G. Kayser who has advocated the execution of gay people  So tell me again how Ron Paul’s approach to government is consistent with Christian beliefs?.

And the next person with vanillacentric privilege I hear on the liberal progressive side who openly advocates supporting this man's presidential bid I'm going to look at you like you're stuck on stupid, which you are..

And y'all wanna know why I can't stand his or his son's racist behind. 

Ron Paul, Happy New Year and shut up fool!

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