Monday, December 12, 2011

San Antonio Media-Why Haven't You Interviewed The Transwoman In This Macy's Story?

One of the things that is bothering me in this developing story of faith based discrimination is that we've only heard one side of it. 

While transperson Lauryn Farris has been interviewed, the one that definitely needs to be heard is the person whose rights were violated.

Why the cricket chirping silence on this?   Why hasn't the San Antonio media done some old fashioned shoe leather reporting to find that transperson and get their side of the story?

Or is this a situation that the right wingers set up in order to force a court case testing their stank 'religious liberty' doctrine?

Wouldn't be the first time they sent fake trans people into a place in order to make a situation fit their false memes they pimp on the regular.

Remember in the middle of the battle to pass (and defend) a trans rights law in Montgomery County, Maryland, the anti trans opposition to that law sent an obviously dressed man in drag into the locker room of a Gaithersburg, MD health club, and then admitted they did it. 

So as the days pass and we still don't have an appearance from the transperson whose rights were violated, I keep having the same uneasy feeling that this may have been instigated by the Reichers..

So San Antonio media, get on your job.  Either find the transperson who had their human rights violated and interview them, or do the investigative reporting to find out if Natalie Johnson is part of a conservaplot to set up a 'religious liberty' court case.

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