Thursday, December 29, 2011

Verdict In The Sonia Burgess Murder Trial

I posted about the tragic death of Sonia Burgess, the British human rights attorney who was pushed to her death in a London subway station in October 2010 by Nina Kanagasingham.

Kanagasingham since that day has expressed a preference of a male gender identity, but at the time was known as Nina.   On the day of Burgess' death according to the Pink News story,  Ms. Burgess had accompanied Kanagasingham to a GP appointment, where she had raised concerns about the mental health of Nina.

The court heard that Ms Burgess, who allowed the defendant to visit her apartment to shower and discuss personal problems, feared that Kanagasingham was becoming psychotic.

The 35 year old Kanagasingham pushed Ms. Burgess from the platform in front of an oncoming train at the Kings Cross Station and immediately surrendered after doing so.  

The verdict has just come down in the murder trial.  Guilty of manslaughter and Kanagasingham is facing life imprisonment for the crime. 

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